Why is consciousness so weird? Is it even possible to transfer it?

I think we’d all want to live much longer and much better. We have no idea what our consciousness really is. We only know it happens in the brain and that some regions happen to correspond to certain feelings but that doesn’t answer anything really.

What if we have no true self? It seems like a reasonable possibility. I sometimes think of this scenario:

You’re in a really dangerous situation (like a global cataclysm) and you see a flying ship in the sky. They tell you they have no more room for any more survivors but they can upload your mind. You agree and think of a phrase. They scan you and they tell you it was successful and put your scanned self to speak to you, he tells you the phrase and says it all worked. But all this extremely advanced technology has done nothing to save you. You will still experience the flames and die a horrible death. What good is that the fact that another entity with your past lives on?

Maybe we are constantly having this scenario in our brains, we might constantly die. Can we say that our baby selves are even alive? Why does “continuity” even matter? What variables are hidden in this continuity? A total reconstruction of your brain isn’t “you”, it will have its own inner life. Why would slowly changing your brain be any different, the end result is a totally different brain. If you could instantly replace a hemisphere, would you notice anything different?

What if you could take each hemisphere and create two brains, each one with one of your real hemisphere and the other as an identical copy of your other hemisphere. They will both go on claiming they are you, which one is it even you? You can’t have two first person perspectives, there will be 2 persons experiencing things.

Consciousness is real but I don’t see how identity relates to it, I don’t see any way we could transfer ourselves and life forever in a digital world.

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