Toying with Taboos

Femcare brand Bodyform, also known as Libresse in the rest of Europe, recently launched their #bloodnormal campaign to help break down taboos around menstruation. About six months ago they tested the water with their campaign said to be the “last taboo” for women in sport, stating that ‘No blood should hold us back’, but today, Bodyform have decided to go all out.

 Watch Bodyform's full advert on their website:

Watch Bodyform’s full advert on their website:

A realistic red liquid to show the absorbency of the pads has replaced the old, typical blue liquid that was used to represent blood. The campaign film is provocative, powerful and very real. The real-life scenarios are aimed at educating rather than shocking the viewer. Ultimately, this bold move works because rather than tiptoeing around euphemisms, the brave brand is simply telling the truth.

Do brands in this category need to stay sincere and sensitive to this topic, or should they aim to shock and challenge the norm? No matter how you’d answer that question, the impact of Bodyform’s courage to ‘say it how it is’ when it comes to periods is undeniable. Whilst some consumers may be put off, many others will find Bodyform’s frankness refreshing and liberating. 

Trying to please everyone is impossible. But by taking a bold move, a brand can connect with their consumers on a deeper level and inspire loyalty. Bodyform has done just that – whilst also starting an important social conversation. 

What do you think? Is Bodyform’s advert too much information or does it preach the truth? Should brands in other categories be inspired to use their platform to smash taboos? Or is it better to tread carefully on topics that may be sensitive? 


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