El Tuerto Celebrates The Local River With Their Label Designs


Montalbán Estudio designed this beautiful packaging for El Tuerto, a Spanish wine that celebrates its origins.



“El Tuerto is a classic wine from La Rioja with a modern touch. It shares its name with the river flowing by the vineyard, so we decided to skip the typical images of the winery and the land and replace it with illustrations of the local fauna. The clear and delicate style of the labels evokes the natural environment in which the wine unfolds, highlighting and dignifying its origin. A classic design with a fresh language.”



Designed By: Montalbán Estudio
Creative Directors: Víctor Montalbán & Cristina Caballero
Art Director: Víctor Montalbán
Naming: Víctor Montalbán, Cristina Caballero and La General de Vinos
Illustrations: Erica Guillén
Photographs: Unpardedos Fotógrafos
Location: La Rioja, Spain


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