MZed Summer Sale – Get Educated for Less!

MZed Summer Sale – Get Educated for Less!

Life-long learning. Since education is key for almost all aspects of life, this is also true for our craft as indie filmmakers. Especially in a line of work with such a fast-paced development of new gear, fresh techniques and so many skills to be learned. MZed now offers a 4 day summer sale (Ending June 4th), so you can make use of the vast expertise of their hosts – for a discounted price.

We don’t need no education? Nah, of course we do. All the time! And for the next four days you’ve got the chance of landing a pretty decent deal over at MZed for their vast catalogue of filmmaking related online courses and masterclasses.

MZed Summer Sale

Both the individual courses and the MZed Pro subscription plan will be reduced in price for the next few days. So if you played with the idea of registering for one of these courses but felt it was too expensive so far, now is the time!


Philp Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass (screenshot).

The MZed Pro plan is on sale for $300 for example (regular $399). This option includes Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass as well as access to the whole MZed catalogue for a full year. Read our review on Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass here to get an idea of the content. If you don’t need access to the whole thing, rest assured as the summer sale includes individual classes too. Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass is on sale for $129 (save $70), and our own Ollie Kenchington recently put together a course called Directing Color (read our review here). It’s yours for only $39 (Save $40) over the course of this summer sale.


Ollie Kenchington – Directing Color (screenshot).

Learning by watching videos. Is that worth it, one might ask. My personal answer is a resounding yes! Before MZed Pro was even here I purchased some courses from MZed and I learned a lot! But, and this is important, it only works out for me because I can go out and use the freshly learned skills on my real-life jobs. It’s the mix that works great for me. Only watching movies and assuming that you now can pull off a major Hollywood movie would be megalomaniac, of course. But learning a neat trick here, a new technique there and make use of it on your next job? That makes a lot of sense to me.


Since this sale only lasts four days, you have to make a quick decision. I think there are some great offers at MZed. Just browse their catalogue and find the course that suits you best. Or go all-in and get a discounted rate on the 12-month MZed Pro Plan, which includes all available courses and of course upcoming ones.


My suggestion would be to head over to MZed’s website and have a look around. Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass, Alex Buono’s Visual Storytelling, Vincent Laforet’s Directing Motion, Adam Epstein’s The Cutting Edge, it’s all there. But don’t forget to go out there and shoot something. Education is key but it’s nothing without deploying it in real-life jobs.

What do you think? Will you enrol in some of the courses? Let us know in the comments below!

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