How can a Chatbot Optimize your business’s Customer Service Center?

How can a Chatbot Optimize your business’s Customer Service Center?

“You need to meet your customers expectations”, the words from my Marketing professor almost a decade ago still ring in my head, “Know your customers, understand their pain” she repeatedly said, “Meet their expectations, strive to raise the bar, or otherwise prepare to lose your customers to an another business who does”

But customers’ expectations are always evolving, with cutting edge technologies reshaping our lives, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Machines powered experiences we go through in different aspects of our lives, it is not out of ordinary that we expect the same experience from companies and service providers such as yours.

First things first; “ Your Customers”

Text or Call — B2C communication options

Customers are already using new ways to get tasks done, take for example Conversational AI: smart systems that people interact with (via Text or Speech) in a natural way, whether it is in their smartphones optimizing tasks and schedules, or in the living room lowering the shutters, dimming the lights, playing music, or reading the morning daily brief. And while such tasks might not seem that complex, the fact that people are actually relying more and more on such systems is opening a new era for B2C interaction.

Customers are driven by a global “always-on” economy, the convenience of a 24/7 service, whether it is online shopping, paying bills, filing claims, or looking for answers to troubleshoot or research an issue. As a service provider, this means that your company is entitled to provide your customers with a self-service option to get a resolution when they need it and not have to wait to talk to an agent.

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Some Numbers

Studies show that 64% of consumers are likely to have a positive perception of companies that offer communication via text. While 75% of Millennials choose texting over talking when given the choice between only being able to call or text.

With a generation showing a growing receptiveness to engage with smart machines and chatbots, reducing cost, time, can easily be achieved with an Intelligent Conversational system or a “Chatbot”, there lies a great opportunity for contact centers to be effective today by implementing an AI based chatbot solution to help.

What does this mean for your Customer Experience and Costs?

As a leading Chatbot service provider, It is very important for us to try to understand from our clients point of view, the ROI of our chatbots for them. This is vital to our efforts to serve our customers in the best way possible and to continuously improve our platform.

With the use of proprietary Dashboard functionality, and the help of our satisfied customers, we were able to gather some numbers that gave us some insights on our platform benefits for our customers; here is a quick run for the numbers:

  • 65% of the daily tasks of a customer service agent are repetitive, platform was able to handle the majority of these tasks, freeing up the agent’s time for more value added tasks.
  • By adding Digital Agent to the customer care team, the usual workload of a team of six agents can now be handled by one! Resulting in an annual labour and recruitment costs savings of up to $350’000 (with an average annual salary of $50K per agent, the average loaded annual cost can come up to $70K per agent, multiply this with 5 employees that do not need to be interviewed, hired and trained).
  • 47.3% of the customers who interacted with the Digital Agent returned for other services later through the digital agent, meaning that platform is becoming the customers preferred way of interacting with the business.

We all know that dealing with customers can be expensive, resource draining and time consuming; for many companies the customer experience is poor, too many contact points, repetitive tasks, and time consuming procedures from information collection, to user verification, to filling forms, etc … But it doesn’t have to be this way! This why has developed a platform to help businesses engage their customer to enhance the Customer Experience, optimize performance and reduce costs. is an enterprise platform that automates chat interactions using proprietary Conversational AI. We compose Chatbots using a wide selection of pre-built, pre-trained AI modules, which makes the integration process quick and easy.

Rajai Nuseibeh

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