Why Should I Be Blogging?

Why Should I Be Blogging?

Why should I be be blogging? Okay, you’ve invested in your website. You have set up your Google My Business page. Now what? Should you be blogging?

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First, A Little About Blogging

Even though I’m all about the blog, I’m not going to tell you that your blog is the first thing you need to focus on when it comes to your brand presence. I could even argue that not all businesses necessarily need a blog… to start.

But if you saw my 2018 predictions in branding, marketing, and more, you know that content is still king and relevant content is still the best way you are going to get ahead in this digital marketing world.

However, blogging (with some proven strategy) can really propel your online presence, drive traffic to your site, improve your bounce rate, even bring those important leads your way. A blog that is properly structured, well written and full of relevant information for your audience can go a long way to helping your business grow.

Let’s just get this out the way.

Should you be blogging? Yes.

Should you be actually writing the blogs yourself? Maybe.

Should you have a strategy and purpose for your blogs? Definitely.

Without a clear direction on what you want your blog to accomplish, you shouldn’t start working on them. Let’s face it. Blogging can be a lot of work. Great writing and compelling, relevant content takes time and effort. I think a blog is one honestly one of the most underused online marketing resources out there.

Here’s what I see with company blogging strategies.

Company A gets a new website, which includes a blog. They publish 2, 3, even 5 new blogs to launch their site. They hope and pray that these few blogs will be enough. They wait, check their analytics, check again — and nothing. Then, they think — none of our blogs have traction, why should we invest more time and money into developing the blog?

But wait. What was the blogging strategy?

How many blogs should you create to get that traction?

Just starting a blog is not good enough. I’ve seen this many, many times in my years of business development. Content marketing needs consistency, strategy, and deliberate execution. So, what does Company A do? They hire an SEO firm or invest in Google Adwords. The blog isn’t ‘working’ so let’s try some other digital marketing. See? Blogs can get a bad rap, but it’s not the blogs fault.

Whether you are operating an established business or startup, it is important to have a good online presence. While social media accounts and websites are good at creating the needed online presence, having a blog offers many more benefits. A well-maintained blog supplements your main marketing strategy and other online platforms.

Here are five major benefits you stand to gain by creating and maintaining a blog for your business.

Improved search engine ranking

Search engines rank search results based on the freshness and relevance of the content among other ranking factors. Your website might get a high ranking during its first days but get lower ratings as time goes by.

Blogs allow you to continuously post new content. As a result, you have a high chance of retaining your rankings or even ranking for more buyer keywords.

Increased traffic to your blog from search engines leads to an increased number of leads to your website and other marketing platforms that are linked to your blog.

Higher conversion rates

Continuous fresh content creates the impression that your business is progressive and alert to the latest trends in the field. Also, posting quality content that is helpful to the people visiting your blog reinforces their belief in your brand. Consequently, there is a higher chance that the consumers of your blog’s content will visit your website and eventually become clients.

Internet users are also more loyal to an active blog with quality content. Therefore, you retain the existing customers as you continue to attract new followers. Over time, you get a large followership that is more likely to consume new products that you market on your blog, giving you a higher ROI.

Demonstrate your expertise in your field

The content posted on your website or social media accounts can only go into so much detail. However, in your blog, you can discuss any topic related to your business to as much detail as you desire. You can also address new trends, challenges, opportunities and other factors affecting your field of business.

Over time, online users start to recognize your blog as a source of credible and resourceful content and the reputation extends to your business. This approach is most applicable for small business seeking to build their reputation and authority.

Blogging offers an opportunity to share

This is probably the main benefit of blogging in terms of marketing. Whenever a person visits your blog and find your content resourceful, they have the opportunity to share the link to various platforms. You can also share the link to your blog on your social media platforms every time you post new content.

Alternatively, you can use social media sharing tools like Buffer, SocialPilot, and MeetEdgar to automate the sharing of your blog content.

The people that you interact with through social media accounts can also share your links. The result can be viral traffic to your blog and exponential marketing for your business.

Gives your business a human touch

A blog allows you create a personality for your business. In your posts, you can give genuine insights in a way you can’t do in other marketing content. For instance, if there is a controversial or divisive issue in your field of business, you can take a definite position. Such actions communicate your business’s vision and principles to your customers.

Conclusion: Why Should I Be Blogging?

When used efficiently, blogs complement other marketing strategies and boost your business. They address the inadequateness of websites, social media, and other online platforms. Due to the preciseness of the content, blogs leave a long-lasting impact on your clients and potential customer. They are therefore a great tool for creating a good reputation for businesses especially startups.

However, for optimum returns, your blog must be updated regularly and with quality content. A poorly maintained blog has an opposite effect on your business and may even cost you, potential clients.

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