Influence of Chatbots in email marketing

Influence of Chatbots in email marketing

As I have already gave you the idea about chatbot — A chatbot is a computer program that attempts to simulate the conversation of a human being via text or voice interactions.

Most chatbots have pre-written responses but some actually go and collect information that the user requests.

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What do you mean by Chatbot? What is the relevance of Chatbot in business?

Now, it is considered that you have a better understanding of what are chatbots, how they work, types of chatbots and their influence over business.

It’s time to take a look at how they can help with your email marketing as well. Email marketing and artificial intelligence will work great together. So lets try them both together.

Lets not waste the time and start with — how chatbots in email marketing can increase the conversion rate.

1. Lead nurturing :

As we all know that chatbots makes your work very simple in order to maximize the result. Normally, they are present in almost every applications. Due to which they can easily engage with audience and provide genuine information related to your products and services of the company.

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They can conversate with the audience round the clock, no matter from where the customer is interacting. We have no doubt on their capability.

As a matter of fact you can use them to generate and nurture leads like this — For example : Suppose someone has visited your company’s social media page or website then chatbot will interact with that particular customer and provide the required solution accordingly and encourage the customer to subscribe to your email list.

Later on, through this email list you can update your leads(customers) about the new and attractive offers regarding your products and services. Moreover, These leads(collected through chatbot) will help you when you are campaigning about your business.

Finally, using email marketing and chatbots together in this process allows you to address the conversation on these ways :

a. Email — You can send important documents and detailed information that potential customers need to make a decision over your services.

b. Chatbot —They help in responding to questions and communicate information quickly when leads are close to conversion.

2. Online purchases :

As chatbots are considered to be all rounder therefore, they can even be setup to handle online purchases.

For example : Suppose a customer is already a member your business and also he/she has an account for purchasing your services or products. They have selected the products and payed the amount as well, but form their account. Then it is your responsibility to notify them about the shipment, date and place of delivery.

You also need to send them online receipt(invoice) in their registered email addresses. I don’t think so apart from chatbot anybody can do it with consistency and accuracy because in a day it might possible that lakhs of people will buy your products at the same time.

the process can be as simple as selecting products they want buy and confirming delivery and payment details from their account.

With the help of chatbots, while sending the emails you can also communicate with your customers on various other marketing initiatives such as seasonal sales, special offers, loyalty programs etc.

3. Chatbots have high retention rates :

No doubt that chatbot has high retention rate. The amount of user they can engage, it not at all possible for normal human beings. The consistency and accuracy of them is remarkable.

As we know that emails will stay in Inboxes and most people might not even bother if the messages stay in the “Inbox” for ever. They might not read those emails. It might possible that they will not “Unsubscribe” newsletters just because they forget every time when new email arrives in their respective Inboxes.

Whereas, If we talk about the chatbots, they can retain the user over products or services more perfectly by sending exactly required information at that instant along with the solution to the user(lead).

Here, the chances of subscription for your services are more as compared to normal messages sent through humans.

Conclusion :

Presently, chatbots are the excellent opportunity to interact with customers by exploring new channels in order to develop better relationships. They will enhance your email marketing campaigns by satisfying customers and improve the overall performance.

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