How to Create Your First Instagram Story: A Very-Easy Video Tutorial


how to make an Instagram story (video tutorial)

Not sure how to make an Instagram Story? Don’t worry, it really couldn’t be easier. (Which you’ll see in our tutorial below.)

And the cool thing about stories is that they can be whatever you want: image only, video only, or a mix of both. (Although, it’s a good idea to switch things up so your followers don’t get bored.)

For this video tutorial, Samantha Bero, social media specialist at Scott’s Marketplace, used a stock image — but you can also use images you’ve taken yourself — to create the Story.

Follow along as Samantha creates a poll, selects a font and color to add text, and selects ‘gif’ to make her Story visually interesting for followers.

How to Make an Instagram Story: A Video Tutorial

Practice Makes Perfect

OK — now that you know how to make an Instagram Story, it’s time to give it a whirl.

As long as you don’t press ‘your Story’ at the bottom of the screen when creating it, you can practice first (without fear) to check out all the features available.

I made a practice Story as an example (using my cat as a model) so you can see what not to press when you’re doing the same thing:

If you want to discard the practice Story you’ve made, all you have to do is hit the ‘X’ in the upper-left of your screen. (Which I have crudely circled in red in the example above.)

But if your practice Story turned out awesome, go ahead and hit ‘your Story’ at the bottom to share it with your followers.

P.S., if you want to direct your followers to a website (or a blog post like we are in the video example), you will want to put the link in your Instagram bio. You can use Bitly to shorten the URL first and then put the Bitly link in your bio.

So basically, it’ll go from this: to this:

Go ahead, click both of those links — you’ll see they go to the same post. (And that post has 12 Instagram Story ideas too… in case you need a little inspiration.)

Have a question on how to make an Instagram Story? Ask below and we’ll be glad to help!

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